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Wealth and Protection Bracelet ~ Malachite, Spocket App

Wealth and Protection Bracelets ~ Malachite, Matte Black Onyx, Dalmatian Jasper & Sandalwood

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Black Onyx - A strong grounding stone - Helps to defend against negativity that may be directed at the wearer - Helps to relieve negative feelings - Brings self-confidence - Sharpens the senses

Dalmatian Jasper- A stone of balance - Helps to ground and center the wearer - Helps to harmonize and keep composure in intense situations - Helps with stamina

Malachite - Helps manifest, balance and bring abundance - Helps to bring healing and positive energy during a time of transformation - Finds and removes energy blocks that may be causing the wearer harm - Helps to balance the wearer, treat asthma, arthritis and anything dealing with bones.

Malachite Size: 8mm
Black Onyx Size: 6mm
Sandalwood Size: 8mm


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